About Us

Calumet City Plumbing Company, Inc. (CCP) was founded in 1967 as a service and repair contractor. Since then, the company logo has changed, the yard has expanded, and another building has been built, but our commitment to quality, service, and employee retention has been maintained.

In 2015 CCP moved the facilities to our current location on more than 7 acres, with buildings covering over 44,000 square feet. Our Equipment, Truck & Tool Replacement value exceeds $3 Million.

We have steadily grown and added many services. We recognize the need to provide competent 24 hour emergency repairs as well as new construction and alterations. We realize the need to offer a single solution for all your utility repairs, extension, and new installations.

Our company is supplied with a complete line of equipment and labor force to fulfill bid requirements, private contracts, service maintenance repair and emergency repairs for your industrial, commercial, and municipal needs.

CCP has been in the water meter replacement business for more than 20 years. Since 1998 we have replaced more than 75,000 meters for more numerous municipalities in both Illinois and Indiana. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the same level of satisfaction which continues to build our reputation.

Our Team

Moe Giglio

Involved in the business since 1993, Moe is third generation to continue the CCP name and service you have come to know and trust.

Moe worked his way through the ranks sweeping the floor and putting away fittings, to becoming an Illinois Licensed Plumber and Cross Connection Control Device Inspection. He is truly fortunate to be surrounded by so many dedicated team members who he has come to respect and trust. Moe’s well rounded skillset allows him to assist in all aspects of CCP. He is eager to learn and can be found anywhere from the back of the shop repairing equipment all the way up to the front office assisting in billing. His coworkers have called him with the “sponge” due to his primary responsibility being to retain and understand as much as he can. For the last 2 years he has led the bi-monthly safety meetings and brought together employees who together re-wrote the Safety Manual to make it specific to the hazards associated with our work.

Michael Calomino

Supervisor of operations for all outside underground utility repairs, maintenance and new construction.

Employed with Calumet City Plumbing since 1972, Michael carries experience, which few can parallel. As a licensed Plumber and Cross Connection Control Device Inspector, certified in Underground Excavation Competency and Confined Space Entry, Michael has become a local reference to both municipal public works directors and civil engineers.

With a common sense approach, Michael has knowledge and experience in virtually all ground conditions, shoring protections, lift stations, storm water management systems, sanitary sewers, domestic water/fire main piping, and emergency repairs and remediation. Michael is well versed in line drawing assessments as well as design/build and value engineering techniques.

Wayne Rossiano

Supervisor of interior plumbing construction, renovations, and detailed design/build projects.

Wayne is a licensed Plumber in both Illinois and Indiana in addition to his certification as a Cross Connection Control Device Inspector.

Employed with Calumet City Plumbing since 1981, Wayne has managed complex upgrades, booster stations, domestic water piping, stormwater piping, sanitary sewer piping, and turn-key plumbing systems in commercial, health care, educational, industrial, and municipal applications.

Due to his dedication and experience, Wayne is consulted on a regular basis by plumbing engineers and property managers.

Dennis Spear

Dennis Spear started with Calumet City Plumbing as an apprentice in 1981.

He has excelled as a 24/7 service technician, new construction plumber, & most recently as a foreman for the last 2 decades. His experience, discipline & thorough plumbing knowledge have given him the tools necessary to become the front line of the service sector here at Calumet City Plumbing. Dennis is often the first line of defense on meter projects and is tasked with customer outreach and quality control. As an IL Licensed Plumber & Cross Connection Control Device Inspector, Dennis has the experience to diagnose & solve many of the current issues facing aging plumbing systems. For Dennis, “An answer” is not acceptable, he strives to find out “the Right Answer”.

Jeff Curtis

Project Manager of Municipal and Private Water Meter replacement projects as well as Commercial Interior Plumbing construction, large and small.

Jeff is a Licensed Plumber in the City of Chicago, State of Illinois and Indiana, a State of Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector and Licensed Cross Connection Control Device Inspector. Employed with CCP since 2017, Jeff is a 4th Generation Plumber with a vast array of experience from Plumbing Wholesale Distribution & sales to manufactures representation. Jeff earned his BA in Communications from The University of Central Iowa 1987. From 2016 to present: Jeff is the Recording Secretary of the Illinois Plumbers Inspectors Association, Tri-County Chapter II.

Jeff is often consulted with plumbing code compliance and installations practices. He is a dedicated team performer who consistently meets project deadlines and budget goals. Jeff understands the importance of quality work and preventative maintenance practices.

Jason Bonczalski

Civil Project Manager whose duties and responsibilities include outside underground sewer/water repair and new construction.

Jason is a lifetime Illinois Laborer’s Union Member and has nearly 20 years of on-the-job experience including Field Foreman. Jason is comfortable in both the Municipal & Industrial environments & carries both OSHA and numerous other Safety Certifications. He is dedicated to making sure the finest of details are met in order to ensure the job is completed to the customers highest standards in a timely manner. Jason takes pride in the finished product, CCP name, and looks forward to many years of satisfied customers.

Leroy Casey

Supervisor of Interior Plumbing construction, renovations, and our Service Dispatch Dept.

Employed with CCP in 2014, Leroy brings with him experience in estimating, project management, as well as both high & mid-rise Plumbing installation, Water Meter installation projects, Commercial, Industrial, Educational, & Institutional work. As an IL & IN Licensed Plumber, Cross Connection Control Device Inspector, Leroy is also Certified in Underground Excavation Competency, Confined Space Entry, Rigging, and Welding. His broad knowledge of the Plumbing industry is sure to get your work completed as efficiently as possible.

Griselda “Chris” Delgado

Since 2006 Chris can be found in the central dispatching location for CCP.

Chris schedules call, routes trucks, diagnoses Plumbing issues, handles customer service, and much more. Her memory and knowledge of the customer base continues to amaze all of us. She has a true understanding of your needs and continues to look out for CCP’s best interest. Her dedication and commitment to CCP does not go unnoticed, as customers routinely ask to speak to her. She ensures you are satisfied and after hanging up with her you will know and that CCP will take care of you.

Nick Eckmayer

Nick Eckmayer joined Calumet City Plumbing in 2014 with over 25 years experience.

Nick is an Illinois License Plumber and in addition has his certificate as a Cross Connection and Device Inspector. Nick spent the first 5 years at CCP as a Project Manager for residential plumbing and presently runs the Backflow Project.

Darnell Calicott

Jr Project Manager for outside underground assisting Municipalities with sewer and water repairs.

Darnell Calicott has 26 years of experience in the sewer and water industry. In 2004 he received a Safety Award from LiUNA. Certified in underground excavation, confined space, 30 hour OSHA, First Aid and CPR.

Darnell has been employed with Calumet City Plumbing for 13 years, 10 of those years were in the field. In 2017 he was brought into the office to learn the management side of the sewer and water industry. With a smile on his face Darnell works with the municipalities on water main leaks, water service repairs/replacements, fire hydrant repairs/replacements, sanitary sewer main line and service repair/replacement. New to management Darnell has over 100 years of sewer and water experience to help him grow as a project manager.

Jessica Flores

Jessica joined Calumet City Plumbing in 2017 and is part of the meter department.

Jessica graduated from Fox College in 2004 with an Associate Degree in Accounting. Shortly after graduating, Jessica joined a food manufacturing company worked as a production coordinator for 10 years. Jessica has experience in customer service, bookkeeping, and scheduling.

Jeannette Salinas

Jeannette Salinas joined the CCP family in May of 2022.

She has over 17 years of experience in the construction industry and has valuable knowledge and skill sets from working in all phases of construction. As Assistant Project Manager she supports the Water Meter Department and Project Managers in various capacities.

Michael attended Roosevelt University and achieved his BA in Business Management in 1987. As a licensed Plumber, Cross Connection Control Device Inspector, and Plumbing Contractor in both Illinois and Indiana, Michael has been very active in both his company as well as the regional plumbing industry.

From 1994-1996, Michael served as a Trustee of the Plumbing Council of Chicago, an Industry fund for the promotion of the plumbing industry and as a Board Member of the Plumbing Contractors Assoc. of Chicagoland and Cook County. Other memberships include the National Assoc. of Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors, American Public Works Assoc., American Water Works Assoc., Underground Contractors Assoc., and numerous other Industry Associations.