CCP Is Hiring Now!

I realize we are nothing without our dedicated Employees-both Inside and out in the Field. Our diverse, experienced & energetic Team has grown considerably over the last five years. Plumbing? Sewer? Water? My Industry may not be techy and I would encourage you to come & find out what it’s all about-Job satisfaction, sense of completion, be a part of providing a service that truly Protects the Health of the Nation. I recognize the importance of a Work/Life Balance & would encourage anyone looking for a change, opportunity to grow & to be a part of a Professional Team that gets the Job done. Interested? Fill out our application online. If you are unable to, send me your resume & let’s make 2022 the Year we grow together.


Moe Giglio

Sewer Water Foremen

The outside underground Sewer and Water Forman is responsible for running the day-to day operations of their crew.  As a working foreman, their main concern is ensuring employees under their management do the jobs skillfully and efficiently while making sure assigned work progresses in a safe and timely manner. Foreman will also perform skilled and related work as required.

Project Manager: Sewer and Water – Industrial Experience Preferred

Site visits are conducted to evaluate the work, understand customers’ concerns, problems and answer their questions. Proposals are written with a solution and an estimate. Setting up the job includes applying for permits, and coordinating/scheduling crews, equipment, and materials. When the job is complete presenting an evaluation of the project.

Company Safety Manager

Company Safety Manager is responsible for promoting a safe work environment for all employees (client and contractor) and construction projects. Safety Manager will administer and coordinate CCP’s safety compliance program.  This position is responsible for identifying, eliminating and controlling hazardous conditions that may lead to injury and or property damage using job safety standards, best management practices and Company policies and regulations.