It is our responsibility first and foremost to provide a Healthy and Safe environment for our employees and yours.

Site Specific Compliance

Whether it’s signing in at the guard shack, filling out the necessary Pre Task/JSA/JHA’s, or properly locking out equipment, CCP is familiar and attuned to abiding by all of your policies and procedures.

Employee Preparedness

All employees are expected to cooperate and contribute toward the overall success of the program by performing their jobs in the safest possible manner in compliance with our manual, client policies, and regulatory requirements and by conducting themselves in a way that enhances their personal safety and that of others. Safety is a Team effort, and it’s everyone’s responsibility.

High Industry Standards

CCP is a qualified contractor thru ISNetworld and Avetta with an “A” grading, and we work hard to keep it that way. Our employees take great pride in their work efforts and the overall success of the commitment to safety. Employees are 10 Hour to 40 Hour OSHA trained and certified for the job at hand.

Promoting Safe Practices

CCP strives for continuous improvement in promoting safe practices thru Bi-weekly, mandatory safety meetings where we discuss Potential accidents/near misses, Client safety and policy changes and industry changes.