Water Service Line Installation Process


Calumet City Plumbing (CCP) will send a letter to each resident or business asking to set up a convenient appointment day & time to make a site visit and perform a Survey prior to replacing your water service line. Someone over the age of 18 will need to be present.

The resident or business schedules their Survey Appointment On-Line or calls CCP. You will receive a confirmation e-mail if scheduled on-line.

Site Survey

A CCP representative will meet you at your home or business to discuss the work plan, make sure you have signed the access agreement, and show you where the work will be performed at. The work area that needs to be cleaned and made accessible will also be discussed at this time. You will also schedule the date of the replacement at this time.

The survey will last 20-30 minutes.


The CCP crew will arrive at your home. The Foreman will introduce themselves and briefly describe the work plan for the day and make sure the work areas are clear and accessible.

The water will be turned off for 4-6 hours.

Once the new water service line is in place, CCP will flush the line and leave you a copy of the recommended flushing instructions following a service line replacement.

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